Web Hosting

Visit our Domain Essentials page to get a full overview of the features included with our hosting service.

Getting Started

Step 1 - Enable Web Hosting
Step 2 - Upload Your Website
Step 3 - Replace the Default File

Not sure how to build your website?
See our Building Your Website guide for an overview of your options including building your own website or hiring a web designer.

Hosting Advanced Features

We've built our hosting service from the ground up. This allows us complete control to offer unique features, better usability, and uptime/performance that is hard to beat.

Custom 404 Pages
When someone tries to visit a page that doesn't exist on your website, they are shown a standard "404" error page. We make it easy to customize this page. Simply upload a 404.html (or 404.htm) file to your domain's main directory and visitors will see your custom page. Take a look at ours at https://www.misk.com/404.html. Always good to have some fun with it!

Mail Forms
We don't support server side scripting like php or asp.net, but we do provide the ability to have server side mailable forms. See our mail form guide for details on setting this feature up.

Every file uploaded to our hosting service is automatically replicated across multiple servers in multiple data centers for the best uptime and performance.

Your web pages, css, and javascript files are compressed before they're delivered to the browser, allowing for faster page downloads.

Our servers set cache headers (such as last modified) allowing web browsers to fully cache previously requested pages as well as intelligently decide when to check for newer versions. This results in fast load times for repeat visits to your website.

Common Questions

Website Statistics
Our Web Hosting service does not provide a visitor statistics service or visitor logs. There are a number of free services that have put significant resources behind offering these features. You can use any of the following services by putting a small piece of tracking code on your website:

Google Analytics (https://marketingplatform.google.com/about/analytics/)
StatCounter (https://statcounter.com/)
W3Counter (https://www.w3counter.com/)

Server Side Scripting
Our hosting service fully supports HTML, CSS, Javascript, Flash, images/videos, and any other kind of static file. Databases and dynamic scripting languages such as PHP and ASP are not supported. If you're looking to host a blog using services such as wordpress, you can do so using these these instructions.

Space Upgrades
We do not offer space upgrades. We've designed and optimized our hosting service for speed and redundancy. The 100MB space limit is part of that decision. We've found that very few people ever need to go above that amount of hosting space unless they're using it for other purposes such as storing large videos, large numbers of photos/images, or other large files. For hosting large videos, you can use a service like https://www.youtube.com/ and then embed the videos directly onto your website hosted with us. For large numbers of photos/images, we recommend using an image hosting service such as https://www.flickr.com/, which also supports embedding photos onto your website. For larger file storage needs, options like AWS S3 (https://aws.amazon.com/s3/) and GCP Storage (https://cloud.google.com/storage) are an option, which can also be embedded onto your website.

Restricting File Access
It is not possible to restrict access to specific files. All files uploaded to your hosting space are publicly available via your website. Only the domain administrator has the ability to change the files on the server using the FTP account.

Contact Support


We generally respond within hours on weekdays. Holidays and weekends may take longer.

Safety Tips

Protect Your Password
Never share your password. We will never ask for it.

Beware of Scams
Don't be tricked into renewing domains with a company that has no right. A Misk.com domain can only be renewed through our website.
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