Mail Form Support has developed its own Mail Form service since we do not support dynamic languages such as php. Instead, we've built our own framework that simplifies building mail forms and works with our highly reliable grid hosting service.

Mail Form Files

This is the page that contains your form and the information you collect. If you choose to use our captcha add-in (for protecting again form spam), this page would also contain the JavaScript code for that. Any form validations on information entered by the user should be done using JavaScript. There is no server side validation for entered data.

.MF Configuration File
You will need a text file ending in .mf that contains all the settings for your mail form. Your HTML form needs to be setup to post to this .mf file. Download the sample files below for a better idea.

Sample Mail Form Files Download

.MF Variables

These variables are used in the .MF file. All values are required unless marked optional.


The from email address that will show up on the message

The domain of this email address must be the same as the domain being hosted (e.g., The address itself does not have to exist, but it would be a good idea so you can receive bounces and responses.


The email address of the person you want the form mailed to

You can use any email address. It doesn't have to be at your domain.

To send to multiple people, add multiple @to elements with one address per @to. We allow having a maximum of ten @to addresses. BCC is not possible.


The subject of the email message

We support adding variables from your html form into the subject line. Just put in %VAR% in your subject line, where VAR is the name of the form's input tag.


The page you want the visitor to see once they successfully submit the form and the message is sent

The success page location is relative to your .mf file's directory (e.g., success.html, /success.html, ../success.html, etc.). For example, if your success page is in the same directory as the .mf file, you would use @successPage=success.html.


OPTIONAL - Required to enable recaptcha support to block spam / robots

The version of recaptcha to use. See our Sample Mail Form Files for the recaptcha JavaScript code to include in your html page.

The only currently supported value is V2 (e.g., @recaptcha=V2).

For better usability, we recommended using javascript to enable the submit button only after the captcha challenge has been passed. An example of this is provided in our Sample Mail Form Files.

See the reCAPTCHA V2 Documentation for details on how to customize the look and feel of the recaptcha widget.


The body of the email message

You can list %FORM_DATA%, which will write all all the form variables for you and send them in an email.


You can list each form variable individually. Just put in %VAR% for each form element, where VAR is the name of the form's input tag.

We support HTML email messages. You just have to start your email with <html or <!DOCTYPE to have us automatically detect and send your message in HTML format. See our example file above which makes use of HTML email.

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