About Us

Misk.com has been registering domain names and helping customers put themselves online since 1998. We are driven by research and innovation, which is backed up with a passion for stellar customer service.

Following the privatization of the domain registration industry, in May of 2000 our first automated domain registration web site was launched as RegisterSite.com. We changed our name to Misk.com in July of 2005.

No Gimmicks

Our pricing is to the point. We use nice round numbers. You won't get routinely bombarded with email offers, phone calls, or postal mail from us either. Our products are straight forward. We offer Domain Registration, which pays for the domain registry fees, Domain Essentials (includes dns, hosting, and email) so you can fully use the name, and have a number of new products in development.


We're fanatics about uptime. Multiple data centers, backups, load balancing, raid drives, and good architecture keep us running. We take extraordinary measures to keep things running well.


We write much of our own software allowing us to optimize our performance and offer features others can't. We believe our services should run faster and better than the competition always.


Security comes down to experience and we've got it. We use the latest in development standards and operational practices to ensure your information with us and our services are safe. We run a tight ship.


Online documentation, email assistance, integrated control panel tips, and a focus on website usability. We constantly train and hire the best people to ensure that your questions are answered in your first email to us.

Current Time at Misk.com

Saturday, 9:44 PM PST


Mailing Address

Misk.com, Inc.
113 Cherry St #33544
Seattle, WA 98104-2205
United States

Corporate Officers

Nitin Agarwal - CEO