Replacing the Default File

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What is The Default File?

The default file is the file shown when someone visits your domain name or sub directory without specifying the file name.

No File Name Specified

File Name Specified

When no file name is specified, like in the first examples, we search for and show the default file in the order shown below.

You must use one of the following file names as your default file

Default files are looked up in the above order from top to bottom
If you had both a index.html and default.html file in your FTP folder, index.html would always be served as the default file. To have default.html shown as the default file, you would need to delete the index.html file since it is higher in the default file order above.

Default File Not Showing

The default file must be uploaded directly under the folder titled YOURDOMAIN on the server. It cannot be located within another folder. Be sure that when you upload the default file, it is uploaded to the correct location and is not within a subfolder.

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