Domain Scams

Domain names owners are a common target of scams and spam.

Protecting Yourself

Any messages from us will always come via email from

We do not send any renewal reminders by postal mail, fax, or via phone calls.

Domain Expiration sends renewal reminders 90, 60, 30, and 5 days before the expiration date of the domain to the email address listed on the account. See our domain expiration policy.

Only Use Our Website
Always insist on only making changes or renewing your domain directly on our website at There are no other ways to make changes to your domain. Be wary of phishing emails and domain scams.

Lock Your Domain
Domains are automatically locked by default. If you've unlocked the name recently, be sure to lock your domain name.

Continue reading Protect Your Account for more suggestions.

Renewal Scams

There are several unethical companies that send misleading renewal reminders using phone calls, faxes, email, and postal mail. This is also known as domain slamming. They send letters using official sounding names and and a bill, which is generally at a much higher cost than ours.

A few company names to watch out for are:

  • Domain Registry of America (DRoA)
  • Domain Registry of Canada (DRoC)
  • Domain Registry Support
  • Liberty Names of America

Phone Verification Scams

Beware of scammers calling you by phone claiming to be from's Verification Department. This is a scam. We will never ask you for information by phone. Changes to your domain name can only be made via our website. Any important notifications from us will come via email from

Search Engine Submission Scams

Some companies are sending out misleading emails for search engine submission services. These emails are worded to make it look as if you need to pay them to keep your domain, but that's not the case. They're just trying to trick you into using their services and you should ignore them. You can find information on this type of scam at

See our search engine optimization guide for instructions on submitting your website to search engines for free.

Trademark Domain Scams

There have been a number of scam emails sent out to domain name owners regarding .cn (and other extensions) versions of their names to "protect their trademark". They reference other fake parties being interested in the name to create a sense of urgency. These emails try to scare domain owners into registering an unnecessary version of their name. Rest assured they are scams and you are not required to register those domain names. You can find information on this type of scam at

Contact Support

We generally respond within hours on weekdays. Holidays and weekends may take longer.

Safety Tips

Protect Your Password
Never share your password. We will never ask for it.

Beware of Scams
Don't be tricked into renewing domains with a company that has no right. A domain can only be renewed through our website.
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