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Point Your Domain Anywhere

Use your own servers, other hosting companies, fast and easy changes

100MB Web Space with SSL FTP

Grid hosting across multiple datacenters with secure uploads and better uptime

Includes 100 Addresses

20MB of space each and 5MB attachments
Upgrades Available for more space


Use the record types you need with fully redundant infrastructure to keep you online

HTML, Flash, CSS, JavaScript

Build informational websites using the latest standards, PHP/ASP are not supported

Unlimited Forwarding

Forward emails to one or many addresses or create catch-all boxes


Take advantage of powerful dns based email standards to fight spoofing and spam

Content Compression

Tweaked performance, caching, and compressed pages for faster load times

SPAM Filtering

We hate spam as much as you do and block it before it gets to your inbox


Supports the latest dns technologies for growth and security

Form Mail Support

Create forms on your website that send you server-side emails

Virus Filtering

Your emails are scanned and cleaned for known phishing scams and viruses

Domain Forwarding / Masking

Redirect visitors to another site, set a default domain for search engine optimization

Custom 404 Pages

Create your own helpful not found page so visitors can find their way

POP3 & WebMail Access

Access email using Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, iPhone, Android, and more