Domain Locking

Domain Locking prevents unauthorized registrar transfers of a domain name (domain slamming or hijacking). When a domain name is locked, all registrar transfer requests are automatically declined.

You do NOT need to unlock your domain to change hosting companies or make any other changes to your domain. You only need to unlock a domain when transferring it to another domain registrar.

Newly registered domain names are locked by default.

How do I lock / unlock my domain?

  1. Login to your Control Panel at
  2. Click on your Domain Name
  3. Under Domain in the top area, click Transfer
  4. In the Registrar Transfer section, click the Registrar Transfer button
  5. Click Lock Domain / Unlock Domain

Note: Domain locking does not prevent someone with your login information from stealing your domain name. Never share your login information with anyone. Domain locking does not prevent internal transfers by the domain owner (whois). Make sure your whois information is up to date and accurate.

Which domains can be locked?

Domain locking is supported on .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us, and .ca domain names.

Domain Extensions that don't offer locking
Some extensions (.uk, .eu) use a different process for domain transfers and therefore have other protections against unauthorized transfers.

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Beware of Scams
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