Outgoing Domain Transfers

You're moving a domain name from Misk.com to another registrar.

Unlike most other registrars, Misk.com does not play any tricks to prevent domain transfers. You simply start your domain transfer at the new registrar. The entire process is automated and any information you may need is available in your control panel.

Why keep your name with Misk.com - The Neutral Registrar?

Misk.com does not compete with hosting companies and has a clearly published code of ethics.

You can point your domain to any hosting company by changing your nameservers to them. You do not need to transfer your domain registration to them. This is the exact same thing they would do on their side.

It is in your best interest to use a neutral and experienced registrar like Misk.com rather than keeping your domain with the hosting company. This helps you maintain control over the name should your hosting company go down, there be billing disputes, or any other problems. Hosting companies may offer discounted or free registrations because they know that once you move your domain to them, it'll much harder for you to switch to another host.

You could also use our Essentials DNS if you'd like to have separate companies provide the hosting and email.

.com, .co, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .me, .ca, .us

To transfer away from Misk.com, you need to verify the whois contact information, unlock the domain, and obtain the domain's auth code. All this can be done through your control panel by following the below steps:

  1. Login to your Control Panel at https://www.misk.com/cp/
  2. Click on your Domain Name
  3. Under Domain in the top area, click Transfer
  4. Within the Registrar Transfer section, click the Registrar Transfer button
  5. Go through each section to verify the whois contacts, unlock the domain, and obtain the auth code

Start the Transfer with your New Registrar
After performing those 3 actions, there is nothing else that needs to be done from our side. The whole process is automated and is dependent on you completing the rest of the necessary steps at the new registrar. Take a look at our Incoming Domain Transfers section for an idea of what the process may be at your new registrar.

How long will it take?
It takes the registry 5-7 days to auto-approve the transfer after you've confirmed it with the new registrar. An email will be sent to you automatically within 24-48 hours after the registry has started transfer. If you don't get that email, the new registrar hasn't begun the transfer and is still waiting for confirmation from you.

No changes during pendingTransfer
The domain registry does not allow any changes to be made to the domain, including renewal or nameserver changes while the domain name is in the pendingTranser state. So be sure you make any necessary changes prior to starting your transfer otherwise you may need to cancel and restart it.

Transfer restrictions
For most extensions, the domain registry does not allow a transfer within 60 days after a new registration or another transfer.


For .uk domains, you need to change its IPS Tag to the new registrar. Send a request to support@misk.com asking for the Tag change on your domain.


For .eu domains, follow the steps below:

Step 1 - Ensure the registrant email address is correct
This can be done inside the Whois section in your control panel.

Step 2 - Obtain Auth Code 
The .eu registry handles auth codes differently from other domains by using temporary auth codes. You can generate an auth code for your domain by two methods:

  • My .eu Account - You can login to your My .eu Account at the .eu registry to generate your auth code immediately.
  • Email Misk.com - Email support@misk.com to have a temporary auth code generated and sent to you. We will escalate the email to our upper level support who will generate the code and send it to the domain's whois registrant email address.

.EU auth codes only last 40 days. If not used in that time, a new auth code will have to be generated. New auth codes overwrite / cancel old auth codes.

Step 3 - Start your transfer at the new registrar
There is nothing else you need from us. Start the transfer at your new registrar and complete the process there.

Contact Support


We generally respond within hours on weekdays. Holidays and weekends may take longer.

Safety Tips

Protect Your Password
Never share your password. We will never ask for it.

Beware of Scams
Don't be tricked into renewing domains with a company that has no right. A Misk.com domain can only be renewed through our website.
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