Internal Domain Transfers

You're moving a domain name to a new owner.

Moving a domain to another account gives the new owner full control over the name including the ability to change the ownership and other details. Internal transfers are free and the domain is moved to the new account within minutes.

Step 1 - Create a New Account

If the new owner doesn't already have a Account, a new one can be created at This must be done before performing the transfer.

Step 2 - Perform the Transfer

  1. Login to the Control Panel at using the username that currently has the domain
  2. Click on your Domain Name
  3. Under Domain in the top area, click Transfer
  4. In the Internal Transfer section, enter the new Username and accept the terms
  5. Click the Transfer button to finish
  6. Both you and the new owner will receive an email once the transfer is processed

Transfer Multiple Domains
Perform a bulk internal transfer to move multiple domains at the same time.

Step 3 - Update the WHOIS Ownership

After the internal transfer is complete, the new owner will need to update their whois ownership records to ensure they are listed as the owner on the domain. Certain domain extensions may require additional steps to change the owner of the domain itself.

Contact Support

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Safety Tips

Protect Your Password
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Beware of Scams
Don't be tricked into renewing domains with a company that has no right. A domain can only be renewed through our website.
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