A subdomain adds a prefix to your domain name, allowing you to divide your domain into specific sections. For example, in the name, blog is a subdomain of

Create a Subdomain

  1. Login to your Control Panel at
  2. Click on your Domain Name
  3. Under Essentials in the top area, click DNS
  4. Click Add Record and select one of the dns record types
  5. Enter the Subdomain you want (i.e. to create, the subdomain would be blog)
  6. Enter the the record Details
  7. Click Save

View specific instructions for pointing to an IP Address (A/AAAA), Hostname (CNAME), and Nameservers (NS).

The Base Domain

Let's say you registered the name This is the base domain.

You would also have the record for www created (, which is a separate dns record from the base domain. In general, you want both the base and www to do the same thing so people can get to the name either way. We take care of this automatically for you. There is an option that allows you to select whether you want the base domain to redirect to the www record or directly point to the hostname. 

Wildcard Records

You can setup A, AAAA, CNAME, TXT, MX, Forwarding, and Masking records as a wildcard.

Example: We have a record for * to forward to So if you type in a record that doesn't exist such as, it will redirect you to


Underscores ("_") are supported in TXT, SRV, CNAME, and NS records. They are commonly used in CNAME records to delegate domainkey TXT record maintenance and many other cases.

Multiple levels

You can create multiple levels of subdomains. For example, you can create or * Simply enter the entire sub-prefix as the subdomain.

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