CNAME Records

Point your domain to a server / host using a CNAME record.

CNAME records are alias records that point a domain or subdomain to another hostname's dns records. Hosting companies that don't provide their own nameserver service generally ask you point to them using a CNAME record. By using a CNAME record, you're saying take all dns records of the destination hostname and make them mine. The CNAME destination hostname has full control of all dns records for that subdomain, which is why they are commonly used by third party service providers. Thus, you cannot add any additional dns records on our side (A/AAAA, MX, TXT, etc.) for a subdomain that is pointing to a CNAME.

Create a CNAME Record 

  1. Login to your Control Panel at
  2. Click on your Domain Name
  3. Point the domain
    • For the main domain (i.e.,
      1. Under Essentials in the top area, click Website
      2. Select CNAME / Hostname
      3. Enter the server's Hostname
      4. Click Save
    • For a subdomain (e.g.,
      1. Under Essentials in the top area, click DNS
      2. Click Add Record and select CNAME
      3. Enter the Subdomain you want (e.g., blog)
      4. Enter the server's Hostname
      5. Click Add

Automatic Root Domain Forwarding
When using CNAME for the main domain (, we automatically forward the root domain ( to the www version ( since CNAME records cannot be used on the root domain (

Custom Root Domain IP
Some hosts require you to point the root domain (@ or to their ip address in addition to adding the CNAME record. Clicking on "Advanced Settings" under the CNAME Hostname field will allow you to list those separate ip addresses for the root domain (@ or while pointing www ( to the CNAME.

How Long will the Change Take?

DNS changes are made immediately and in realtime across our nameservers. However, due to dns record caching by internet service providers, it may take a few hours for everyone to see the changes.

Contact Support

We generally respond within hours on weekdays. Holidays and weekends may take longer.

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