TXT Records

TXT records have a variety of purposes. They are often used to verify domain ownership with service providers and setup email authentication protocols such as SPF and DKIM.

Create a TXT Record

Adding a TXT record is an easy task within our control panel.

  1. Login to your Control Panel at https://www.misk.com/cp/
  2. Click on your Domain Name
  3. Under Essentials in the top area, click DNS
  4. Click Add Record and select TXT
  5. Enter the Subdomain and Text value
  6. Click Add

Ownership Verification

Many services will have a domain owner verify their ownership by setting up a TXT record. Google, for example, uses this method for their webmaster tools and google apps.


Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is an email validation system designed to prevent spam by detecting email spoofing. It does this by verifying sender IP addressesRead more about SPF records and learn how to format one at http://www.openspf.org/.

We include a default SPF record for all domains. You can make changes to your SPF record by modifying the TXT record on your domain that starts with v=spf1. The SPF protocol only allows one SPF record per subdomain. That SPF record can contain multiple rules.

DKIM (DomainKeys)

DKIM acts as a digital signature that can be validated by recipients to ensure the mail is coming from a valid source. It associates a domain name to an email message, thereby allowing a person, role, or organization to claim some responsibility for the message Learn more at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DomainKeys_Identified_Mail.

Creating a DKIM Record
Follow the general instructions above and for the text value, enter the DKIM value.

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