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Keep it Relevant and Keep it Simple

Which Extension

.COM is the best extension to go with. If that's not available, your country level extension, or any of the other general extensions will be a good choice for your website.

See our extension comparison page at Domain Extensions. It covers the registration requirements and the cost for each domain extension.

Easy to Remember

For your primary website, keep your domain name short and easy to remember. You'll want to consider how how memorable the name is, how easy the name is to type in, and how your email address would look at the name. You can always register additional domains you've liked and forward them to your main domain.

Additional Extensions / Misspellings

Register additional available extensions as a low cost way to protect your brand. It's a lot cheaper to register the name now than trying to buy it later from someone who has started using it. With the cost of domain names so low, you should register as many names you can think of (within your budget) to help protect yourself against competitors, squatters, and confusion.


  • Possible Misspellings
  • Product Names
  • Similar Names
  • Name Variations
  • Additional Domain Extensions

You can have the additional domain names you registered forwarded to your main domain name using our free domain forwarding service. You could also use this service to forward the domain names to specific product pages on your site.

You may also consider Obtaining a Trademark, which will help provide you with additional legal protections.

Domain Not Available

See our Domain Already Taken page for your options when a domain you want is already taken.

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