Dns Record Caching

When you type a domain name into your web browser, a request is made to your internet service provider's (ISP) dns servers (i.e., dns resolvers), which then query the official nameservers for the domain to get its dns records (e.g., ip address).

After getting the dns records from the domain's nameservers, your ISP's dns servers can cache (temporarily save) the records for several hours, which is why there can be a delay between the time you make changes to your dns / nameserver settings and the time you see them on your computer. Sometimes changes will seem to take effect immediately (because they were not recently cached by your ISP), while other times they will seem to take a few hours (due to normal caching by your ISP).

You can use our realtime dns lookup tool, which does not cache records to verify that your dns records are correct.


The amount of time other dns servers cache records is controlled by the TTL (Time To Live) value for the dns record. Each dns record has its own TTL value. Dns resolvers (i.e., your ISP) will see the changes (fetch the new records) depending on when the currently cached dns record's TTL expires from their cache. Since different ISP nameservers will retrieve the dns records at different times, their cache will also expire at different times. This is why some nameservers see the changes sooner while others take longer.

Our realtime dns lookup tool can be used to view and verify the TTL for any dns record.

You can change the TTL value of dns records via our control panel for domains using our dns service (Domain Essentials).

Domain Registry Nameservers TTL
When you change your domain's nameservers, the amount of time it could be cached is set by each domain's registry. Domain registries do not allow changes to the the main nameserver TTL values. The TTL for those nameserver records are anywhere from a few hours up to 48 hours and is controlled by each domain extension's registry.

Website Not Showing

Are your nameservers correct? The nameservers you've listed in your Misk.com Control Panel have full control over where your domain is pointing.

If your website is not showing, it could be one of three issues:

  1. Your ISP has the old dns records cached (up to a few hours after change).
  2. There's an issue with your host. Contact your host to verify the correct nameservers and check to make sure everything is setup correctly on their end. The domain may not be setup on their servers yet.
  3. In rare cases, nameserver changes may be still propagating at the registry (within minutes for most extensions, some can take a few hours after change).

You can use our realtime dns lookup tool to verify that your dns records are correct.

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