.UK Registrant Name Change

The official registrant name for .uk domains can only be updated directly through Nominet. All the other contact details (contact person, address, phone, email, etc.) for the registrant can be updated via our control panel via a Whois Update.

Registrant Name Change

To change the actual registrant name on a .uk domain, you'll have to login through Nominet's Online Services.

Nominet Online Services
This online portal (https://secure.nominet.org.uk/) allows you to login or create a new account using the registrant email address listed in your domain's whois record. You can manage all .uk domains that list the same registrant email address using a single Nominet account. You can change the registrant name for one or more domains using this tool.

Nominet Fee
Nominet charges a fee to change one or more domains to a new registrant. The cost will be listed on their website as you go through the process, but is generally £10 plus VAT, and can be paid by either the current or new registrant. Transfers of multiple domains to the same new registrant in one transaction incur a single fee. Nominet does not charge a fee if the registrant name change is just a correction. Examples include: minor alterations such as correcting spelling mistakes; changes to a company name where the company number remains the same; changes to an individual’s name, perhaps through marriage or deed poll; changes from sole trader to individual; changes to named people in clubs or societies such as a new president; adding or removing a partner to a trading name.

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