.CA Pending Delete Period

For .ca domains, the pending delete period is called the "To Be Released (TBR) List". The length of the .ca pending delete period depends upon on the day of the week and time it exits the redemption period, which will vary between domains as explained below.

You can learn about CIRA's .ca domain expiration life cycle at https://www.cira.ca/ca-domains/register-your-ca-domain/domain-name-life-cycle.

After the .ca domain's redemption period ends, you'll be able to search for the domain on CIRA's TBR list https://www.cira.ca/ca-domains/tbr to view the domain's expected release date. The domain can be on the TBR list (pending delete) for 2.5 to 9.5 days. During this period it is no longer possible to redeem the domain. CIRA releases domains through the TBR session every Wednesday starting at 19:00 (UTC). Domains that exit the redemption period between Monday at 7:00 (UTC) and Wednesday at 19:00 (UTC) are pushed into the next week’s TBR session.

Once the domain becomes available (released from the TBR list), it will show up as available to register on our real-time domain search at https://www.misk.com/. Our domain whois tool at https://www.misk.com/tools/#whois is also useful to check if the domain is still pending delete (TBR list) or has been registered by someone else.

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