Reserved .UK Domains

On June 10, 2014, Nominet launched the .uk extension, which opened up second-level .uk domains (ie. in addition to the already offered third-level domains (ie.,

What is a Reserved Domain?

For those that had a version of a name before the cut-off date of October 28, 2013 (23:59 GMT), Nominet has reserved them the rights to the .uk version of the same name. If a domain did not exist prior to the cut-off date, subsequent third-level domains (ie. acquired the rights. This is referred to as your right of first refusal

.uk Rights Lookup
Search for the domain at Hovering over the word "Reserved" will display the third-level domain that holds the .uk rights. You can also perform a similar search at

Reservation Length
Nominet is holding reserved names for 5 years, until June 10, 2019 (07:59 GMT). After that time, if the reserved owner has not registered the .uk version of their domain, it will become available to the public for anyone to register.

Transferring Rights
.uk rights are associated with the third-level domain that holds the rights. If the third-level domain is transferred to a new owner before the .uk version is registered, the .uk rights will be transferred with it.

Rights Ceased After Expiration
.uk rights are associated with the third-level domain that holds the rights. If the third-level domain is not renewed during the reservation period and the .uk version has not yet been registered, all .uk rights will cease.

Registering a Reserved Domain

Reserved .uk names are held for the .uk rights holder. As long as the rights holder domain is in your account, you can register it via our website.

.uk Rights Domain with
To register the .uk version of your domain, simply login to your control panel using the same username that has the rights holder domain in it. Then, search for the .uk domain at As long as you're logged into the right account, the domain will be available to register.

.uk Rights Domain with Another Registrar
You'll need to first transfer the third-level domain that holds the .uk rights from your current registrar to Once the rights holder name has been moved to us, you'll be able to follow the instructions above to register the .uk version of your name.

Not the Rights Holder
Only the .uk rights holder domain can register the corresponding .uk domain during the reservation period. See the ".uk Rights Lookup" section above to find the rights holder domain.

Name Not Reserved
Unreserved .uk domains can be registered just like any other domain at

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